User Interface Focused Solutions
Occasionally, the project’s limitations rule out a complete design process.
In these cases, our professional expertise can be applied to specific usability issues within the project. These issues may include part of the services in our complete user-interface design process as well as one or more of the following services:

Expert Review

A usability evaluation of an existing application by a Pamam expert, to provide a prioritized list of usability problems and directions for improvements.

Focused User-Interface Consulting

When a complete analysis and re-design is not an option, fast and specific measures can be taken to improve the look and usability of an application or a website. This treatment can be applied to critical elements or issues in the application.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design team provides effective and aesthetic answers to specific needs - such as icons, splash screens or complex displays.

User-Interface Guidelines

Without a useful set of guiding principles, software development tends to result in a large variety of screen types, which is harder to use and to maintain. To achieve consistency and avoid “re-inventing the wheel” for each screen, a guidelines document can be used as a framework for the design. This document provides a set of design principles, layouts for different screens types, rules for using interface components and other guidelines that are relevant to the application.

Rapid Prototyping

A software product often needs to be demonstrated to potential customers or users, even before the actual application exists. With our expertise in rapid specification and prototyping, we can create a prototype with a professional “look” that will demonstrate the desired functionality of the planned application.

On-site assistance

In the rush of development, it is not always possible to halt and give the full picture to an outside consultant. One of our GUI experts can join the customer’s team for critical design periods and provide on-site assistance for usability issues - by attending decision-making sessions or by giving first-hand guidance to the developers.