User Interface Overview
In January 2006 the User Interface departments of Pamam and SCP (Right Click) merged to create the Aman UI & Design user interface group under the ownership of Aman Computers Ltd.

Aman UI & Design provides User Interface services as a complete design process, or as a combination of focused solutions. In each project we apply our experience and understanding to find the set of services which best fits our customer’s needs.

Complete UI Design Process
Study and Analysis
Concept Design
Detailed Design
Graphic Design
Usability Testing
Focused Solutions
Expert Review
Focused User-Interface Consulting
Graphic Design
On-site Assistance
User-Interface Guidelines
Rapid Prototyping

In addition to user interface design, Pamam is Israel’s leading provider of Human-Factors Engineering and Ergonomics services. This unique combination allows us to cover all aspects of interaction between a human operator and a technological system and provides a comprehensive solution to our customers.